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Sungha Jung  /  정성하


Sungha Jung is a South Korean musician who specializes in acoustic fingerstyle guitar. His YouTube channel currently has more than 4.7 million subscribers. Jung creates acoustic covers and arrangements, typically by ear and/or by watching videos, and has original music, which he plays and uploads online. He was nicknamed the "Guitar Prodigy" and the "August Rush" in Korea, though he prefers to be known as a 'guitarist' rather than a 'guitar prodigy'.


Jung's daily practice time as a child was one to two hours long when there was school, and up to three hours during school breaks. Jung usually took an hour to figure out the notes and fingering to a piece, and typically took another five hours to practice before recording. However, to make his songs better and more accurate, he occasionally spent from a couple days up to a month practicing


In 2010, Jung was featured on Narsha's solo album NARSHA, for the song "I'm in Love". In 2011 he performed in the US with Trace Bundy, and also toured Scandinavia and Japan. In 2012 he collaborated with 2NE1, creating acoustic versions of the group's hit songs "Lonely" and "I Love You". Later in 2012, he participated in a live stage with BIGBANG's G-Dragon, where they performed "That XX". He performed "I'm Yours" with Jason Mraz, who described Jung as "amazing" and his "hero", in 2013. Jung played Ahn Hyeok in the 2011 Korean movie, The Suicide Forecast.









Sungha Jung's Album

《Perfect Blue》- 1st album (2010)

  (1) Hazy Sunshine   (2) Billie Jean   (3) One Of Us   (4) California Dreaming   

  (5) Love Of My Life    (6) Fields Of Gold   (7) Superstition   (8) Perfect Blue   

  (9) More Than Words   (10) Livin' On A Prayer   (11) A Whiter Shade Of Pale   

  (12) Wake Me Up When September Ends   (13) Twist In My Sobriety   (14) I Believe I Can Fly

《Irony Original》- 2nd album (2011)

 (1) For You   (2) Irony   (3) Been Already a Year   (4) Fly Like the Wind   (5) Waterfall    

 (6) They Don't Care About Us   (7) Fragile   (8) The Winner Takes It All   (9) Songbird  

 (10) Farewell   (11) Tree in the Water   (12) Beat It   (13) River Flows in You   (14) Lonely

《The Duets》- 3rd album (2012)

  (1) Change the World   (2) Wayfaring Stranger   (3) Obladi Oblada   (4) Perfect Blue   

  (5) La Belle Dame Sans Regrets   (6) Hazy Sunshine   (7) Shape of My Heart   

  (8) Kokomo   (9) Irony

《These Moments》- 4th album (2013)

  (1) Felicity   (2) The Phantom of the opera   (3) Sorry   (4) Friends 

  (5) On a Brisk Day    (6) I remember You   (7) Nostalgia   (8) With or Without You  
  (9) Opening-Jinseino Merry Go Round   (10) Gravity   (11) Hot Chocolate  
  (12) Monster (BIGBANG)   (13) Fanoe (With Ulli Bogershausen)  

  (14) Coming Home (With Ulli Bogershausen)

MONOLOGUE- 5st album (2014)

  (1) First Step   (2) The Milky Way   (3) Sunset In Paris   (4) Lost In Memories   (5) Flaming    (6) Carrying You   (7) Walking On Sunday   (8) Present    (9) Sprint   

  (10) Mellow Breeze   (11) Mosaic   (12) Again

Two of Me- 6nd album (2015)

  (1) Prelude/April   (2) Riding A Bicycle   (3) Backpacking   (4) Waiting   (5) Carol In Spring    

  (6) Harmonize   (7) Stars   (8) Fairy Tale   (9) Late Autumn   (10) Wild And Mild  

  (11) Summer Break   (12) Rainy Day

《The Duets》- 7rd album (2016)

  (1) On Cloud Nine   (2) L'Atelier   (3) In the Midnight   (4) Siesta   (5) Fly Away   

  (6) Catching the Beat   (7) Seventh #9   (8) Every Now and Then   (9) Nocturne   

  (10) Take Five

《These Moments》- 8th album (2017)

  (1) Isn't She Lovely   (2) Don't Know Why   (3) (They Long to Be) Close To You  

  (4) Sunny   (5) Tears in Heaven    (6) Englishman in New York   

  (7) Fly Me to The Moon   (8) Lullaby of Birdland   (9) Autumn Leaves   (10) Antonio's Song   

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