Annier Lee majored in Music and specialized in playing the Pipa, a traditional Chinese Musical Instrument. In 2011, she started playing the ukulele utilizing a technique used in playing the Pipa. Annier was able to redefine ukulele music. Her music is unique and admired worldwide.


Annier is a ukulele artist and educator. She traveled to China and all across Taiwan promoting ukulele education. She also attended major music festivals and gigs in bars and pubs. She is also in the James Hill JHUI program.

In 2012, Annier participated in the CAAM Ukulele Star competition. She is the only Asian who was nominated in the Top Six Finalist.



In 2013 Annier - Ukuele Bank - Star Wish - released their first Single EP – Rise & Shine. The same year she was invited to perform at the 3rd Thailand Ukulele Festival.



In 2014 she was invited to the 4th Thailand Ukulele Festival and also participated in the 44th Ukulele festival in Hawaii.



Annier Lee Ukulele Lessons



01:Right Hand Strumming 
03:Pull Off
04:Left Hand Scale Exercises
05:Special Sound


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