Tobias Elof


Tobias Elof is from Demark. In just a few short years he has gone from a hopeful young musician to having achieved more than most musicians who have played for 20 years. He has gigged from England to Hawaii, won the Danish Championship in Folk Music and has been nominated for a Danish Music Award. He was also admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Music as the first in world to major in ukulele. He uses the ukulele to make that unique Nordic sound.

Tobias Elof began to play the ukulele when he was 8 years old. He wanted to play the bass, but at that time his fingers were not big enough. Although his fingers grew, the desire to play his distinctive instrument only increased and today it has become his livelihood.



Elof has his musical roots planted in Scandinavian folk music. With virtuosity, intimacy and passion, he challenges the genre by experimenting with the music and adjusting it to the ukulele.


James Hill teams up with Elof and Wamberg for a jamming session. 




aNueNue Tobias Elof Custom Ukulele


In 2014, Elof and aNueNue's owner Johnson were introduced to each other through James Hill. Johnson invited Eloft to the China Ukulele Festival and then to Taiwan for a workshop and a concert. It was great experience to hear Nordic Music in China. Johnson spent almost two weeks with Elof and it was quite a culture shock to learn the differences between European and Asian cultures. Elof has since collaborated with Taiwanese artist Vanessa Ding and plays a Custom Super Lani model fitted with Wood Talk pickup.



Elof & Wamberg's  Work

12 Ornli' Syge Tracks For Ukulele Og Kontrabas- (2012)

(1) Øresundsreel   (2) Halling   (3) Mellemrummet   (4) Frelekh   (5) Opgør   (6) Mia   (7) J. F. Polka   (8) Dagens Dont   (9) Skurup   (10) Katten   (11) Uke Talk   (12) Solen Er Så Rød Mor

Byen Sover- (2015)

(1) Intro   (2) Byen Sover   (3) Brudestykker   (4) Verden   (5) Måneskin   (6) Vårbrud
(7) Huset   (8) Täppa   (9) Hørsholmsgade   (10) Erindring   (11) Menuet   (12) Noret


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