He Ren Jie/ Chinese:河仁傑


In 2010, He Ren Jie became famous from a song called "Why hasn't my bro come home?" In May of 2012, he released his first EP album, "Sleep today, and Wake up Tomorrow" He is a creative musician. He can pick up a guitar and make mesmerizing melodies and can make up a song about things that just happened five minutes ago.

"Why hasn't my bro come home" and "He Ren Jie, you are wrong about what you said," became two very famous songs on the Internet. These two songs are not officially released and published, yet they had 60,000 views on YouTube.


Writing songs is like a diary of life for He Ren Jie. He doesn't like to write a song just to write a song, he feels that kind of music is lifeless. He likes to add his sense of humor to his lyrics and blend life's elements in. This is how he created "the bro song."

The road to being a singer has never been easy. He Ren Jie thought about giving the idea of being a singer until one day his professor told him, "Nothing is easy, you got to do what you got to do." It motivated him and he planned to write monthly songs.

If you ask him, "Are you under pressure?" 
He replied, "Yeah, but it feels so good when I finish a song"
He Ren Jie is passionate about music and he will never forget his strong will. He constantly looks for inspiration for new songs. He said, "Maybe this interview will turn into a song." He's observation of life reflects in his song writing. He hopes to bring a new music force to Taiwan's music scene as he continues to explore the music of life.




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