Wing  /  羅文裕


Wing is a creative song writer. He has worked with many top artists in China and Taiwan over the years. Both the Media and professional musicians love him and think it's a pleasure to work with him.


Wing's music is organic, energetic and comes from the soul. You can really feel his observation of life, and empathy towards people, through his music. His lyrics are very optimistic and encouraging.  In today's music world, it is hard to find an artist who can write, sing and play—Wing fits this combination perfectly.

Wing began playing guitar when he was a student. He played in a band call Y.I.Y.O in 1999-2004. In 2007, he reinvented himself and released his first solo album called, "Street Love". In 2011, he released an EP-single in China called, "A Good Feeling. "Today Wing writes songs for various artists from China, Taiwan, and Singapore and enjoys spreading his love of music to anyone who's willing to listen.


We are happy to have Wing as a featured aNueNue artist.