Seiji Igusa / 井草聖二
Elegant and Surpring Performance, Japan Rising Fingerstyle Artist


Seiji Igusa is an acoustic guitarist/ composer in Japan. He was born on November 9, 1988 and got close to a hymn and gospel from the childhood period. He began playing the piano at the age of 4 and playing the drum at the age of 11. He started playing an acoustic guitar at the age of 15 and is affected by guitarists such as Martin Taylor,Doyle Dykes. 


He won the second prize of "Fingerpicking contest" that was held in Osaka in December, 2006. In July, 2007, he got a grand prize of SonyMusic audition called "Tobi-labo" in Osaka. Then, In August, 2007, he won the second prize of  SonyMusic audition called "Tobi-labo" in Tokyo. In April, 2009, he participated in national convention of the acoustic guitar, "FINGER PICKING DAY 2009". He won a grand prize and a prize for original arrangement at that convention. In October, 2009, he played as an opening act in "Tommy Emanuel JAPAN TOUR". In November, 2009, he released his first album "Introduction". This CD made his  debut as a professional and he started  music activities in many areas. He participate in global guitar contest held in U.S. Kansas in September, 2010, "39th Walnut Valley Festival". He participated in "International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship" as a representative from Japan and was chosen as Top5.


In October, 2010, did an opening act for "JOE ROBINSON JAPAN TOUR" In April, 2012, he released his 2nd album "kokoro".

In February, 2013, he moved the headquarters in Tokyo from Osaka and have begun to appear to TV program and a radio. In March, 2013, he also began working on guitar duo "SOULGAUGE". They adopt a taste of "R & B" into "finger-style" and become the topic in the music scene of Japan. In 2014,December, he released session album "Room 193" (This is a collaboration album between four Japanese guitarist; Akitoshi Kiroda, Takayuki Nishiyama, Satoshi Gogo, Yuki Matsui) In July, 2015, he released his 3rd album "Welcome Home". "Light Waves" of this album becomes the ranking first place in video sharing site of Japan and becomes the topic mainly on the internet.





Seiji's  Work

《Introduction》- First Album  (2009)

(1) Introduction  (2) Local train  (3) マッシュボブカントリー  (4) Advent wreath

(5) Western Redcedar  (6) Fireworks

《kokoko》- Second Album (2012)

(1) Harvest   (2) Cocoa and Toast   (3) Amenohino okurimono  (4) Athretic Park

(5) Mellow Sunset   (6) Lakeside   (7) Kokoro   (8) Maple   (9) Happy Drive  

(10) SPARKLE   (11) Matane   (12) Good Sleep...

《Room 193》- Artist Compilation (2014)

(1) Kazemachi (feat. Satoshi Gogo)   (2) Windmill (feat. Akitoshi Kuroda)  

(3) Sir Duke (feat. Takayuki Nishiyama)   (4) SPARKLE (feat. Yuki Matsui)

(5) ANJI (feat. Satoshi Gogo)   (6) Hanabi (feat. Akitoshi Kuroda) 

(7) Kimi To Boku (feat. Yuki Matsui)   (8) Jerry's Breakdown(feat. Takayuki Nishiyama)

《Welcome Home- Third Album (2015)

(1) Sunday Morning   (2) Windmill   (3) Monologue   (4) STARDUST  

(5) It Don't Mean a Thing   (6) Keep The Groovy   (7) Alpha   (8) Sunflower  

(9) Light Waves   (10) Welcome Home   (11) Silk hat   (12) Light in the darkness



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