Shigeto Takahashi  /  高橋重人


Shigeto Takahashi started playing the ukulele at a very early age. He now has over 20 years of playing experience and his distinctive soprano finger-style tone is recognized throughout the world. Today he is respected as one of the top ukulele players from Japan.

Shigeto travels to ukulele events and festivals all over the world, spreading his love for ukulele in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Taiwan and Singapore. He tells the story of Mount Fuji and the inspiration behind his playing. Shigeto's solo CD album Roots Trip debuted in 2009.

Shigeto and Johnson of aNueNue first met in Taiwan 2009 during the Fureai Festival. Shigeto's music is inspiring. He blends the Hawaiian traditional strumming technique with innovative finger-picking and plays many old-time hits. aNueNue and Shigeto worked closely together in 2011 to make a DVD called Finger-Picking to spread the traditional technique and love for ukulele. Shigeto and aNueNue also collaborated on various concerts and workshops in Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand.



Shigeto Takahashi Ukulele Lessons



【 Shigeto Takahashi Ukulele Licks 】
01:How to Tune
02:Hold Stable Ukulele for Good Sound
03:Sit on Your Bines When You Play
07:Basic Strum Like as Japanese fan
08:Happy Birthday to You on 3 Chord

09:Easy Solo Happy Birthday

10:Advanced Solo Happy Birthday
11:Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Chord Solo
12:Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Chord Solo Shuffle
13:Accent on melody (Hilo March)
14:Picking 4
15:Picking 5

【 Ukulele Music Appreciation 】
01:Hilo March
02:12th street rag
03:Peanuts Vendor
04:Moon Light
05:Close to You
06:Ave Maria
07:The Star and Stripes Forever
08:Maui Chime







【 Ukulele Challenge Song 】
01: I Only Care About You
(Chinese Song)

    02:Ikkyu-San chord

(Japanese Song)














aNueNue Shigeto Takahashi Signature Model



Shigeto's Signature model has a beautiful story to tell. Once he had a fantastic dream about a Rainbow and it's meaning of making dreams come true. He asked the ukulele designer to inlay the 7th fret with a big abalone dot to symbolize the Sun and 10th fret with an abalone raindrop. The mother-of-pearl Rainbow rays are designed in the Japanese art-style. The Sun and raindrops are what form our colorful rainbows. The wood used on the body is Solid Mango which brings a warm and sweet-tone. The neck is made thinner to make easier playing, but the 38mm nut and fingerboard is wider to prevent your fingers from slipping off.


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