Iwao Yamaguchi


Iwao is one of the best Ukulele players in Japan. Iwao Yamaguchi was born in Japan on September 21th, 1963. He began to play the guitar at the age of twelve and debuted as a singer-songwriter in 1989.

Iwao was fascinated by a ukulele made in Hawaii, which he happened to pick up when he was twenty-six years old. He has played various kinds of music: easy listening, Hawaiian, jazz, bossa nova, etc.

In 2010, we met Iwao at a Ukulele Picnic in Japan. Iwao is a very talented player. He can play any song and change to any key on demand. Iwao's playing is easy listening and fun to watch. If you love the ukulele, you have to see Iwao play in person. His music is alive and makes people happy.



aNueNue IWAO 客製琴


Iwao and aNueNue share the same philosophy, "One World + One Language = Music." In 2012, aNueNue made an Iwao Custom model, which is exclusively available only in Japan. It is based on Lani Koa , a Soprano Long Neck model.  In addition, we made a DVD Ukulele Lesson, which is available in 6 different language subtitles.


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