How was U900 made? --- untold story behind :

Rabbit U was knocked out by The Venture's guitar sound and wanted to be a guitar hero. But guitars were too big for his body and he had to give up his dream. Then he started making a trip to find what he wants to be. On its way in Hawaii, he found a ukulele and decided to play this instrument.
After coming back to Japan he's got a fateful encounter ---- one day in a park of Tokyo he met a guy playing the ukulele ---- it was Bear 900 who also picked up a ukulele because of the same reason. The two guys have got good vibes each other and started a ukulele band, U900.

Usagi-no U (Rabbit U)
- Lead vocal & Ukulele
- Character: Cheerful and like to be eye-catchy. Quite indifferent about things but easily moved to tears on the other hand.
- Favorites: latest hit pops (a fan of Beyonce nowadays), carrot juice, dancing, playing tricks.

Kuma-no Kulele (Bear 900)
-Vocal, keyboards & others
-Character: not talkative and looks absent-minded, but well organized in fact. Good at caring people and making things.
-Favorites: progressive rock & fusion, toast with honey, practicing instruments, taking a nap.



U900 is founded by Yosuke Kihara. A reknown designer in Japan. They are Japanese animation Music Artist.

In 2008, Kihara and Music Producer Hiroyuki Nariai made U900 album: Venture, X-Mas, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson Tribute.

U900 and aNueNue met in Japan Ukulele Picnic 2009, and build a close relationship since then.
In 2010, Kihara and aNueNue design the World reknown U900 Ukulele Soprano Series. It is one of the most popular ukulele in Asia. Soon after the popularity of soprano models, Concert, Electric U900, and Color series were developed. In 2014, U900 accessories such as tuners, straps, and clothes were release to catch the ukulele waves.


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