US3K Koa Bird - Soprano


  • The headstock has an aNueNue classical design with a mother of pearl inlay logo. The Japanese Gotoh UPT tuners with 4:1 gear ratio for precise tuning.


  • Ebony is a hard dense wood with real smooth feel. It adds brightness and faster attack. Spalted Maple moon phase dot inlays line the fretboard and the 18-fret design allows for endless tonal possibilities.


  • The unique Mitsuta Mount Fuji- voiced brace design produces warm, clean tones. The U Koa Bird 3K Ukulele is based off the aNueNue bird guitar. Then the gloss finish was buffed to mirror-like shine.


  • The Spalted-Maple rosette was designed for the elegant look. The straight cutaway makes playing at higher register frets an ease. The Rosewood binding extending from the top of the body to the curve was inspired by the concept of moon phases.


  • The smiley-shaped ebony bridge helps support the string tension. The Buffalo bone is hard and articulate; it helps the strings to vibrate and has great resonanc


  • The U Koa Bird 3K body uses selected 4AAAA grade Hawaiian koa, and air dry for 24 months long. Each 4A Koa body is unique and beautiful curly wood figure. The tone is warm midrange, with sparkling treble end.


  • The aNueNue Black Water strings are made of black fluorocarbon from Japan. The tone is rich and clear. The medium tension for fingerstyle, warmer treble sounding.





  • It comes with an aNueNue Bird Ukulele hard-shell case. The case is made of laminated hard wood. It is the strongest protective case we offer, designed with 20mm of thickness for extra protection. It has a side-handle to make carrying easy.










PICKUP - aNueNue Air Air U

  • aNueNue Air Air U Dual Pickup system is design in HD to reproduce the purest, and dynamic sound of instrument. Air Air U is friendly to use with simple (Vol) and (Mic) control. HD integrated circuit preamp design delivers low distortion, super low noise, and wide dynamic range. Low power operation with a CR2032 coin battery.






    Tobias Elof-Danish Polka

PICKUP - aNueNue Talk Dance

  • It comes with an aNueNue Wood Talk pickup develop with MBX. This pickup creates pure organic acoustic tone. It has 4 string to string balance and has a touch sensitive design. It comes with an active pickup with vol/tone controls and an under-saddle pickup. The battery pouch and endpin jacks operate with 9V coin battery.





PICKUP - aNueNue Wood Dance

  • The aNueNue Wood Dance Pickup was also develop with MBX. The Wood Dance pickup added tube microphone, that you can adjust the position of microphone. The pickup is in stereo setting and uses a Monster Y cable with dual output. You can balance the two signals, under-saddle pickup and the microphone level. It has an active pickup with vol/tone controls and microphone level. The battery pouch and endpin jacks. operate with 9V coin battery.