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aNueNue means rainbow in Hawaiian. The"NueNue Kane", or  Rainbow Man, is the guardian spirit and one of the best known Hawaiian petroglyphs. The arc above the Rainbow Man's head shows that he radiates wisdom and power and shoulders responsibility. He is the keeper of the land and its people. At aNueNue, we harness the Rainbow Man's spirit and feel that we are all responsible for protecting Mother Earth.

aNueNue Ukulele Founder Johnson Liao finds that the aNueNue Ukulele Company, and the instrument itself, share the same philosophy. The ukulele is a happy musical instrument; it spreads love, peace and soul. It was from this philosophy that aNueNue Ukulele was born.


aNueNue's  ukulele journey begins in 2008 with a team of music lovers. We had a strong will and a passion to make great acoustic and electric guitars, but we had no idea we would fall in love with the Ukulele the way we did. We sourced and tested various woods from all over the world. We found some of the best craftsman in Taiwan and China to help build our instruments. Because we already had a strong musical instrument background, aNueNue was able to re-invent the wheel and make new innovative Ukulele bracing and construction. After several years of honing our craft, we believe we produce one of the sweetest sounding instruments on the market today.


aNueNue Ukulele Company is from Taiwan. Taiwanese are friendly and big hearted. Our motto is: Life, Music, Play. We have worked with schools and various charity groups over the years and we believe that our company should be socially responsible by giving back to society when we can. We are not only trying to make the world's finest musical instruments, we are also hoping to make the world a better place. The one true language of the world is music and we love contributing to the conversation.


aNueNue ukuleles are designed in Taiwan and manufactured in China and Japan. All of our instruments are designed by Johnson Liao under the quality guidance of Yuji Matsunaga. Our brands are: aNueNue Ukulele, aNueNue Bird Guitar, and Aqua Ukulele. With our expertise and years of experience in the music industry, we have focused our passion to bring you the World's best ukulele. We hope you enjoy our instruments for the rest of your life.


aNueNue Ukulele Company—Life, Music, Play



aNueNue Bird Guitar 

In 2015, aNueNue introduces Bird Guitars for the first time.  Distinguish by the size.“M” Series is 36” Steel & Nylon Travel guitars.  “S” series is 30” Nylon Travel Guitar. Grading by different type of top and body wood. The entry level Laminated guitars is name as “Newborn Bird”, Mid-End Solid Top only guitars is name as “Feather Bird.” High end All Solid wood guitars are name as “Fly Bird.” A complete line up is design for sound and quality.


Bird guitar design concept is from Robin birds. We call them the “Chubby Robins”, they are friendly and close to people. Robin’s chest is in rich orange color, and they have beautiful bright eyes. Baby robin’s feather is not as colorful, two months after they learn to fly, as they mature, colorful feather slowly taking shape.Bird guitar offset soundhole is like Robin bird’s eye, release soundhole energy. The rounder body is like Robin’s chest. The rounder body allows greater body resonance.

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