About Us

Unique. The aNueNue Ukulele principle.


aNueNue Ukulele is a company that is not afraid to tread its own path. The new aNueNue Ukulele remains true to this principle.

The aNueNue Ukulele principle is unique in the world of Ukulele. It represents a company with strong ideals and a definite view about how to approach things. “We wanna build the World BEST ukulele 1. Season Tone Wood 2. Voice Bracing 3. Accurate Construction.”

Our designer and luthier together succeed in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, time and time again. We are driven by the motivation to take the innovative ideas of aNueNue Ukulele and use them to develop better sounding musical instruments. The motivation is to never forget where we have come from and to focus on what we do best: build exceptional Ukuleles.




aNueNue Stand for Quality. We only make quality ukulele from entry level Laminated up to All Solid Wood. During production, every process is considered well for the next process. To make good quality ukulele, jigs and fixtures is revised to improve the design. From Prototype to Mass production, the wood is season, and brace is fine tune and voice to our desire tone. In every stage of Production, quality is control. We take pride that players can feel the difference from the first time they play aNuenue Ukulele. 

Life Music Play


Music expresses people feeling. Music is part of our life, and through musical instrument, we express our feeling and life experience. Music brings people together, and people love to spread their Love for Music. We believe in Life Music Play, it is philosophy of aNueNue. We hope our ukulele and guitar is your friend, part of your life. When you are happy, you play aNueNue. When you are sad, aNueNue is with you. We are your life long friend!

aNueNue Promote Music and Culture. We work with International artist to promote Music education, Workshop, and Concert. We love meeting musicians, and your support is what makes us aNueNue.