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Ukulele available in 17" Piccolo , 21" Soprano & Soprano Longneck , 23" Concert & Mini Concert , 26" Tenor , 30" Ukulele Bass , Guitar available in 30" Bartione size nylon ,36" travel steel string guitar & nylon string guitar, and 41" steel string guitar. In wood spec , laminated , Solid Top Only , All Solid Wood , and Semi-Hollow type . Below chart , listed what is available for you.



spec \ size

17 inch


21 inch


23- inch

Mini Concert

23 inch


26 inch


30 inch

Ukulele Bass


36 inch


41 inch


Solid Top  
All Solid    

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Sapele wood grain is similar to Khaya Mahogany. The color of sapele range from dark red to coffee. Tonally, it is similar to mahogany, with extra treble due to denser wood grain. The tone is well balance. It is great for both fingerstyle and strumming.

|Makani Series



Mahogany | Africa Mahogany|


Mahogany is one of the most common wood uses in guitar and ukulele. They are use as top, back, and sides. Mahogany is medium dense hardness, easy to bend and to work with. Finish Mahogany showed beautiful brown color. They offer dynamic response and midrange. You will experience warm low end.

|S20|M2 |M20|
|One&Only Series|Mini C Concert Series (MCM)|U900 Baby Series|U900 S Series|

|U900 II S Series|Papa S Series|Electric|Khaya Mahogany Series|Africa Mahogany Series|

|Papa All Solid Series|



Koa|Hawaiian Koa|


The tone and wood figures of Koa is what people love. They are use in top, back, and sides. Koa is rare, and expensive. Koa is similar to Mahogany with nice midrange. Koa is denser wood, so you will get a brighter attack, and sweet high. The tone will mature and grow as you play in the musical instrument.



|Classic Koa Series|Mini Concert Series (MCK)|Lani S Series|I'm Bass Koa Series|

|Oahu Koa Series|Kula Koa Series|Grand Kula Koa Series|Dolphin Koa Series|

|U Koa Bird 1K|U Koa Bird 3K|



Spruce|Sitka Spruce|Swiss Moon Spruce|


We use Sitka, and Swiss Moon spruce in guitar and ukulele top. Spruce has perfect straight grain which is great for making musical instrument. It has great strength, and elastic allow greater movement on the top. They yield that crispy high, and articulation. It is great of fingerstyle, and strumming.


|U Moon Bird Series|Crystal Clear Series|U900 S Color Series|Super Lani Series|

|Sitka Rosewood Series|





Cedar has straight wood grain similar to the Spruce.  It is softer, and less dense than the spruce. The color of cedar range from reddish caramel to chocolate.A new guitar with cedar top will open nicely, and mature over time. The tone of cedar is warm, and produce louder tones. It is responsive to light fingerstyle playing.


|Super Lani Series|




Mango wood has a unique white color figure. The dense wood yield bright sound character. They are use in ukulele top, back, and sides. Mango wood is medium hard, sound is warm, and tonal spectrum in the midrange. They have very balance tone.


|Maui Mango Series|



Rosewood|Indian Rosewood|

Rosewood is a versatile tone wood. It has great history with the acoustic World . It is a hard dense wood able to yield that bell one. They offer lush high and fuller low end. Usually use as back/sides in guitar and ukulele. Also, commonly use on the fingerboard and bridge. The natural oil, and open pores of rosewood is stable.


|Sitka Rosewood Series|U Moon Bird Series|




Cocobolo is a dense stiff wood. Their color goes from orange to dark reddish. They also have wild wood figures. It is use as back/sides. They resonate deeper in the low end, and offer bright overtone. Fingerstyle artist would appreciate the articulation of cocobolo wood.






eBony is high dense hard wood, with great sustain. The dense tight grain gives them that silky feeling. Common uses on the fingerboard and guitar.


|U Moon Bird Series|Sitka Rosewood Series|