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Baobu Badulu

Baobu expresses himself through music. He's a handsome guy who's easy going and very humble. His strong curiosity of the world has led him to make music outside of the box.


Baobu has performed at more than 200+ live music venues since 2003. He has traveled the world, including countries like: France, Kuwait, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Nan Jing, Hang Zhou, Chang Sha, Shang Dong and often performs at major Music Festivals.


His fingerstyle technique is world-class and can be compared to Western greats like: Leo Kottke and Pat Metheny or YouTube sensations: T-Cophony and Andy McKee. Both Baobu and Andy McKee have a “Drifting Style,” that uses their instrument in a non-traditional way. Their sound is often compared to a guitar, piano and a drum all rolled into one.


When Baobu plays the guitar, it often sounds like two or three people are playing together.  His music is warm and full of passion. Sometimes you can feel his loneliness played through his fingertips. He plays across all genres and most of his music is about his past and childhood memories.


The Guitar is more than an instrument to Baobu. His performances are full of surprises as his fingers move like water, flowing across the fingerboard. The lovely fast tempo expresses Baobu's passion and knowledge of the guitar that can be translated across all cultures and epitomizes the spirit of an aNueNue artist.


  • Baobu Badulu
    Seeking For The Lost
    M200 - Bird Guitar
  • Baobu Badulu
    I Love Taiban
    M12 - Bird Guitar

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