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Dong Yun Chang

Dong Yun Chang is a Taiwanese fingerstyle pioneer who's known as The Guitar Poet. He is the founder of Play Ear Music and has years of experience in music production, arrangement and fingerstyle performance.


He started playing acoustic guitar in high school. In university, he started to play classical, pop and taught himself many other styles. He graduated from ChengGong University and studied at the Berklee College of Music where he was the president of the guitar club. Today he promotes acoustic fingerstyle music across all universities in Taiwan.


He has been nominated and won numerous music awards in Taiwan including: Best folk music arrangement, Original music and best guitarist awards. He also won the 14th and 16th Golden Melody best album awards in Taiwan.


In 1996 using one guitar, he released his first Solo album Hear the Flavor of Blue Mountain, released by Sony Music. It became the first Chinese solo steel string fingerstyle album to be released by a major label. In the next few years, Dong continues to innovate on the acoustic music scene and released Thoughts of a City and The Year We Play Guitar. In 2001, he joined Wind Music and released 33 Streets Corner and his Happy Way album.


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  • Dong Yun Chang
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Album / Publishing

2018 Sheet music
2016 Sheet music
《那些年: 吉他自選集 》
2014 Sheet music
2013 Sheet music
《神奇烏克 Magic Ukulele》
2011 Album
2010 Album
《吉他獨奏精選 Guitar Solo Collection》
2009 Album
2008 Sheet music
《在第三十三街角與你相遇 Meet You at the Corner of 33rd Street》
2007 Albun
《獻給親愛的媽媽 For Dearest Mom》
2004 Album
2002 Album
《第33個街角轉彎 Meet You At The Corner Of 33rd Street》
1999 Album
《那年我們彈吉他 Years With Guitar》
1998 Album
1996 Album
《聽見藍山的味道 Hear the Taste of Blue Mountain》