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Giovanni Voneki

Italian/Hungarian Giovanni Voneki , with his Mandarin name “Wu Zilong” , speaks fluently Mandarin, English, Italian and Hungarian. He is a professional singer and guitar player, a theatre and Tv Show actor. Giovanni loves music since he was a kid. He started playing guitar at the age of 13 and did his first concert in Italy at the age of 15. He joined his friend’s band “Klame” as guitar player and backing vocalist, and mixing styles such as rock, hip hop and pop they released the album “Instead of Rules” in 2008. Giovanni played about 20 concerts in Italy, Slovenia, Scotland, Canada and Taiwan. He participated to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 and in 2012 released the EP “Gabbia di Cristallo”. He then played and toured with a Bon Jovi Cover Band in Italy.

Giovanni started being interested in the movie industry and participated in the Korean movie “Ode to My Father” in 2014. He then starred in the Taiwanese musical “Zeelandia , back to Formosa” and “Xiao Taiyang”.

In 2015 he started appearing in Taiwanese Tv shows, talk shows such as “Half and Half”, as well as the  singing competition “I want to be a singer 2” where he did a duet with the popular singer Liang Wenyin. He also participated to Kangxi. He sang and performs at many different Taiwanese tv shows until today.

He mostly work as a professional jazz musician, working at all kinds of parties, weddings, resturants and cooperates with other artirst such as Xiao Pang, Dallas Waldo, Liang Xinyi, Andrew Pop…


  • Andrew ft. Giovanni Voneki
    M12/MY20 - Bird Guitar
  • Andrew ft. Giovanni Voneki
    MY20/LL16 - Bird Guitar

Album / Publishing

2008 Album
《Instead of Rules》

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