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To be the singer-song writer and unique artist he is today, HAOR performed in a multitude of venues and competitions. For a while he became a certified licensed street performer embodied with the will to never give up. He cut down on costs by writing and producing his own work. Then finally in 2013 he won the Hennessy V.S.O.P & Sony Music Online Contest as the Taiwan district champion. In 2015 he was crowned Taiwan’s North district champion and National runner up of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi’s unplugged music competition. That same year, he debuted to the world his first album “Outdo.Uneasy”. When his recordings became public, it caught the attention of like-minded artists like Chen Wei Quan (陳威全) and consequently led him to sign with Ascents Media Entertainment in 2016.


Beginning March 2017, a five-month series of singles were released based on an unexpected “love story of a girl with a ponytail” and these five singles showcased his personal music stylings. In October of that year, he released his second album which was an original creative dyad called “HOW”. After the release of that album it went on to win him the title of “best Mandarin male singer” at the twenty-ninth Golden Melody Awards in 2018.


Over his career he has written songs for Xu ZhiAn (許志安), Lin YiChen (林依晨), Li GuoYi (李國毅), Che ZhiLi (車志立). HAOR is a real music all-star and has done everything from writing, producing, arranging & mixing. When listening to his music you find that each song tells a story, ones which touch on topics like current events, the environment, day to day struggles and overall exploration of life. The music he creates is a unique blend of Fusion, Funk, Folk and R&B. With an acoustic guitar, he introduces a clash of funky rhythms which break through the impression of how folk songs are typically played; he then complements it with his R&B style vocals, making his work a truly unparalleled and unique experience.  


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