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aNueNue hopes to add various colors to your life through the energy created by music

aNueNue hopes to add all kinds of positive energy to your colorful music life.









The aNueNue team from Japan, Taiwan, and in Guangzhou, has dedicated three years of meticulous research, going through many obstacles and set-backs to achieve the ideal goal of the advanced craft-level "#guitar future" series. For the guitar future series, the aNueNue classic bird guitar barrel body design is integrated, tailored to create an exclusive force wood structure, which tunes the guitar with the perfect balance of resonance and panel strength, along with a unique charming tone.

We have invited the famous Japanese finger player #伍伍慧 (Satoshi Gogo) to play his original song #风待ち "Kazemachi" (famous amongst finger style playing), while using the LS700 model for our initial sound recording. The guitar is a reminder of a warm sunshine in a leisure afternoon, waiting for the lightness and joy of the breeze, as if it's a warm smile, as if reminding us to cherish every moment of precious moments, and for us to welcome every start of the day with open arms.




>Used guitar is Acoustic Future Serie : LS700


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Acoustic Future Stories Video Credits:
專案統籌:ELLeN Hsieh
攝影:Hans陳思翰,ELLeN Hsieh

剪輯:Hans陳思翰,ELLeN Hsieh


企劃:ELLeN Hsieh
文案:ELLeN Hsieh


Special thanks:
手工製琴大師- Sugita Kenji (杉田健司) FBweb
aNueNue廣州製琴工廠-桐馨樂器 主理人-汪鋒華 (汪總)
指彈音樂家-Satoshi Gogo (伍伍慧) FBtwitter




aNueNue 2020 Initial Piece - AcousticFuture
aNueNue x Sugita Kenji
2020.02.01 Official Release




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